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Understanding laryngectomy surgery to optimise swallow and voice outcomes (online course)

Pre-op swallow



This unique online course is designed to be accessible to a broad spectrum of professionals with varying levels of knowledge and experience in Head and Neck and specifically cancer of the larynx.



Detailed Description

The module concentrates exclusively on surgery for standard laryngectomy, including some procedures and suggestions to optimise rehabilitation outcome and is divided into four sections:

Section 1 The head and neck anatomy and physiology related to laryngeal functions is presented. This knowledge is considered essential to understand the subsequent surgery for standard laryngectomy

Section 2 is about the cancer itself

Section 3 covers surgical deconstruction of the neck  

Section 4 discusses subsequent reconstruction to obtain optimal functional outcomes and directly compares the pre and post-operative situations for breathing swallow and voice production

Detailed illustrations with explanatory text, 2D animations, labelled surgical photos and “live” videos of actual surgery are incorporated throughout to assist with understanding the complex medical information. A series of nine innovative 3D animations, with explanatory voice-over, guide the user through the stages of the surgery itself, as well as the pre and post-operative functions of breathing, voice production, swallow and prosthesis placement.