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Arts, Humanities, Business & Science courses


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Every year, over 1,500 adult education students, of all ages and from all walks of life, join us to develop their skills in art, photography, creative writing, business introduction, or to discover fascinating ideas in (art) history, science and philosophy

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Our Changing Planet: Understanding Climate Change and its Impact on the World (Tue) [CLASSROOM]
03/10/202305/12/2023[Read More]
AI-Enhanced Storytelling Techniques in the Digital Age (Mon) [CLASSROOM]
09/10/202311/12/2023[Read More]
Business English (Mon) [CLASSROOM]
09/10/202311/12/2023[Read More]
STARTS OCTOBER: Drawing for Beginners (Mon) [CLASSROOM]
09/10/202311/12/2023[Read More]
The Pilgrims' Way: Art, Architecture and Literature of Pilgrims and Crusaders (Mon) [LIVE ONLINE]
09/10/202311/12/2023[Read More]
Creative Writing: Poetry and Prose (Mon) [LIVE ONLINE]
09/10/202311/12/2023[Read More]
Contemporary Art of Africa (Mon) [LIVE ONLINE]
09/10/202311/12/2023[Read More]
Opera in Focus: Verdi and Wagner (Mon) [LIVE ONLINE]
09/10/202311/12/2023[Read More]
Music and Sound Technology for Beginners (Tue) [CLASSROOM]
10/10/202312/12/2023[Read More]
STARTS OCTOBER: Women in Art: A Feminist History of Art (Tue) [CLASSROOM]
10/10/202312/12/2023[Read More]
Ordinary Victorians: A Social and Cultural History (Tue) [LIVE ONLINE]
10/10/202312/12/2023[Read More]
Italian Renaissance Gardens (Tue) [LIVE ONLINE]
10/10/202312/12/2023[Read More]
Spanner in the Works? Co-operation then, now and into the Future (Wed) [LIVE ONLINE]
11/10/202308/11/2023[Read More]
Revolutions in Europe 1789-2022 (Wed) [CLASSROOM]
11/10/202313/12/2023[Read More]
Photography: Smartphones and Digital Devices (Thu) [CLASSROOM]
12/10/202314/12/2023[Read More]
Fine and Decorative Arts in the V&A (Fri) [IN-PERSON]
13/10/202315/12/2023[Read More]
STARTS OCTOBER: Drawing Together (Sat) [LIVE ONLINE]
14/10/202316/12/2023[Read More]
The Brain - Neuroscience, Psychiatry and Psychology (Mon) [CLASSROOM]
16/10/202318/03/2024[Read More]
The Human Body: In Sickness and in Health (Tue) [CLASSROOM]
17/10/202319/03/2024[Read More]
The Story of Science Fiction (Tue) [LIVE ONLINE]
17/10/202319/03/2024[Read More]
Botanic Gardens: A Story of Beauty, Corruption, Medicine and Pirates (Tue) [LIVE ONLINE]
17/10/202311/12/2023[Read More]
Photography: Practice and Theory (Wed) [CLASSROOM]
18/10/202320/03/2024[Read More]
Discovering Opera (Wed) [LIVE ONLINE]
18/10/202320/03/2024[Read More]
Spellbound: A History of Witchcraft, Magic and the Occult (Wed) [LIVE ONLINE]
18/10/202320/03/2024[Read More]
Western Art from Classicism to Impressionism (Wed) [CLASSROOM]
18/10/202323/03/2024[Read More]
Introduction to Business Studies (Thu) [CLASSROOM]
19/10/202321/03/2024[Read More]
Introduction to Film History (Thu) [CLASSROOM]
19/10/202321/03/2024[Read More]
Discovering Classical Music (Thu) [LIVE ONLINE]
19/10/202321/03/2024[Read More]
Modern Art from Impressionism to Pop (Tue) [CLASSROOM]
24/10/202320/02/2024[Read More]
Modern Art from Impressionism to Pop (Wed) [LIVE ONLINE]
25/10/202321/02/2024[Read More]
Armed Conflicts and the Politics of the 21st Century (Mon) [LIVE ONLINE]
13/11/202305/02/2024[Read More]
The Story of Modern Architecture (Wed) [CLASSROOM]
15/11/202307/02/2024[Read More]
Discovering Italy: Land of Art, Culture and History (Thu) [LIVE ONLINE]
16/11/202308/02/2024[Read More]
STARTS JANUARY: Drawing for Beginners (Mon) [CLASSROOM]
15/01/202411/03/2024[Read More]
STARTS JANUARY: Drawing and Painting from Nature (Mon) [CLASSROOM]
15/01/202418/03/2024[Read More]
STARTS JANUARY: English Cathedrals: Art, Architecture and Legends (Mon) [LIVE ONLINE)
15/01/202418/03/2024[Read More]
STARTS JANUARY: Classical Music in Focus: The 20th Century (Mon) [LIVE ONLINE]
15/01/202418/03/2024[Read More]
STARTS JANUARY: An Introduction to Science (Tue) [CLASSROOM]
16/01/202419/03/2024[Read More]
STARTS JANUARY: Women in Art: A Feminist History of Art (Tue) [CLASSROOM]
16/01/202419/03/2024[Read More]
STARTS JANUARY: An Introduction to Western Philosophy (Thu) [CLASSROOM]
18/01/202421/03/2024[Read More]
STARTS JANUARY: Drawing Together (Sat) [LIVE ONLINE]
20/01/202423/03/2024[Read More]